Dog Does Not Care About Adopted Stray Cat Until She Has Kittens

While out and about, Hayley Cameron’s boyfriend was approached by a cat. The cat showed no sign of fear or cautiousness, which is somewhat strange. The next day, Cameron went out to find the cat and she was still around the place where her boyfriend found her yesterday, along with a woman who’d been feeding her, who then explained that she could not help the cat much longer. Thus, Cameron decided to take the cat home and named her Amber.

Chloe, the dog Cameron and her boyfriend already had at home, did not show much interest in the feline friend. However, the two lived together without any fuss, and Amber seemed to settle into her new home just fine. Then, the young couple noticed something unusual about Amber: She started to gain some weight quickly. At first, Cameron thought she was just eating well, until she touched Amber’s stomach and realized that the cat was pregnant.

After some time, Amber gave birth to three boys and a girl. The couple thought Chloe would not care much for the kittens because she was not interested in Amber either. Gladly, they were wrong. Completely wrong, actually. Chloe loved the kittens and took care of them all the time. Amber, though was surprised by Chloe’s sudden change of heart, appreciated the help from the lovely babysitter as she seemed to take the job very seriously.

Later, there of the kittens – Ollie, Felix and Gracie – were adopted by Cameron’s boyfriend’s family. The couple decided to keep the little Leo because he had some digestive issues. Leo was deeply attached to Chloe, and apparently Chloe loved him too. She remained protective and loving until he became a mature cat like his mom. Maybe Chloe just really enjoys being a mom after all!

(h/t: thedodo)

Cameron happily took Amber home.

Amber then gave birth to four kittens.

“I guess her maternal instinct kicked in. She would lay with them and protect them.”

Chloe was always around to keep the kittens protected.

Leo loved Chloe so much!

“The kitten we kept is in love with my dog but the dog does not reciprocate the same feelings now that he is full grown,” Cameron said. “She doesn’t give the grown cats any attention.”

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