10 Science-Backed Benefits Of Owning A Cat

Okay we can stop the fight between cat lovers and dog lovers. This time, there are actually scientifically proved facts that favor cat people. In reality, owning a cat has many benefits for your mental health. Other than that, can we all just agree that cats are one of the best things ever happened to humans? That said, dogs (and dog lovers) are no less than the feline race. They have their own set of advantages. Therefore, let’s just appreciate the difference and love each other. What’s the point of the cat vs. dog debate anyway? But we’d like to emphasize on the good things that cats bring us in this post.

#1 Cats are more environmentally friendly.

It takes less resources to process cat food, as they tend to eat easier to harvest products. Also, the carbon footprint of dogs is much much larger than that of cats.

#2 Cats help you cope with difficulties.

Cats can sense your unusual expression/behavior to come and help when you need them. That way,  we can process tough emotions faster and get over them quickly. People who own cats also are less likely to show physical signs of sadness (weeping, etc).

#3 Cats will lead you to your significant other.

90% of single women think men who own a cat are nicer than others. In general, 82% of women say they’re more attracted to men with an animal. It’s time to adopt, gentlemen!

#4 Cat owners are smarter.

The University of Bristol did a study in 2010 which showed people who owned cats are more likely to have post-secondary degrees than those with dogs. They also surveyed 600 university students and found that cat owners were more intelligent. The conclusion was it’s because cats require less time and attention than dogs, so cat owners have more time to focus on education while still getting the company they need.

#5 Cats keep your heart healthy.

Cats are proven to be stress relievers. A study showed cat owners are 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke. So spend time with your cat (or someone else’s cat) every once in a while to maintain the calmness you (surely) need.

#6 They provide great companionship.

Studies have proven that cats are just as loving as dogs, and even more so for women. Still doubting? Get yours to find out.

#7 Cats reveal you’re an honest person.

Being a cat person does reveal some parts of your personality. You tend to be more introverted, honest, and trustworthy. Moreover, you are less manipulative and more modest than dog owners.

#8 Cats bring you to sleep quicker.

Studies showed cat owners sleep better with their cat’s presence. They cause is likely to be the calming effect they induce.

#9 Cats help prevent allergies.

Marshall Plaut, M.D. at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, says “high pet exposure early in life appears to protect against not only pet allergy but also other types of common allergies, such as allergy to dust mites, ragweed, and grass.” This means cats are baby-friendly.

#10 They can probably save your life.

Cats keep track of their owner’s behavior closely. They can sense changes in you and are very alerted to some of them. There have been case of cats saving humans by warning them about seizures, gas leak, or seeking help when their owner faint. Yes, dogs are not the only heroes.

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